is a leader

in production

of Polish white

goose down

Welcome to ANIMEX

ANIMEX is the leader in the Polish feather & down market, with over 60 years of tradition and experience. From the very beginning feather processing was one of the main activities of the company. ANIMEX is also the largest Polish processor of meat.

The company was registered on 01.02.1951 as a state owned enterprise under the name of Main Office for Imports and Exports of Meat and Smoked Meat Products “ANIMEX”. We are proud to find established companies among our business partners which have continuously worked with ANIMEX from the year of its establishment.

ANIMEX is the only feather processing plant located in the mountain area of southern Poland. Only here we have access to clean medium-soft water of very good quality. This has a great influence on washing process and the cleanliness of finished product.

Our mission is to supply the world’s lightest, most efficient and comfortable insulation material produced in sustainable and an environmentally friendly way.


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